Emily Alden Foster

Me and one of my besties, Keith Ecker, reading from Cross My Words and Hope to ___ (VERB), an interactive mad-lib and crossword puzzle literary zine. I’m the editor and he’s contributed a story for each issue. I’m reading an introductory piece I wrote and then a poem by Jacqueline Suskin. This was at Chicago Zine Fest’s Exhibitor Reading on March 8. Chicago Zine Fest was great fun!

In these zines you can fill out stories and poems mad-lib style, like we’re doing here, or you can find the words that were originally in the blanks by working crossword puzzles. We messed up a little bit, but we turned it into a great opportunity to make cute faces at one another because we’re professionals.

Special thanks to Jennie Yim for videotaping us on her camcorder like a proud mom.

These zines and others are available to purchase on the internet.